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One Why the Dragon is not the first of the 12 animal signs since it symbolized all Chinese dynasties?

Legend has it that the order of the 12 animal signs was determined by Buddha who once asked all animals to visit him on New Year’s Day. However, only 12 animals turned up. First came the Rat who jumped off from the back of the Ox. The Ox was next. Third was Tiger. The Rabbit was the fourth. Then the Dragon and the Snake arrived. The Horse came along with the Goat. The Monkey and the Rooster joined the party. The last came the Dog and the Pig.

Each animal was given a year of its own by Buddha. It is believed that the animal ruling the year of your birth exercises a profound influence on your life.

Understanding the characteristics of the animal that rules that year will not only give you an insight of the person’s character but also help you understand one’s strength and weaknesses.